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Examinations of premature infants and toddlers

In general, we examine and treat infants from birth with a wide variety of questions, be it clarifications regarding a congenital cataract, high eye pressure (congenital glaucoma), stork bite on the eyelid (capillary hemangioma), conspicuous eye positions or other abnormalities.

As an attending physician, Dr. Hohermuth examines premature infants as inpatients in the hospital and subsequently for the other recommended screening examinations in our practice.

Occasionally, doctors observe abnormalities in the eyes of infants a few days old at the postnatal check-up. In such cases, infants are often sent directly to us for examination or the parents contact us.

We have great experience and expertise in the examination and evaluation of these children. We take the necessary time and advise you as parents in detail. Depending on the findings, we work closely with our colleagues at the Children’s Hospital and the Eye Clinic of the University Hospital Zurich.

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